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We work to protect, conserve, and restore healthy river ecosystems

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We advocate for environmentally and socially sustainable development

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Healthy rivers are essential to our survival on this planet

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Healthy rivers are essential to our survival on this planet

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Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit grassroots organization with a focus on healthy river ecosystems all across Ontario.


Help us get the word out and mobilize by signing our petitions and sharing them on social media. Take action now!


Your contribution goes a long way. Donate your time or dollars today & help us continue doing the work that we do.

Latest Blog Post

Ontario Rivers Alliance (ORA) is very pleased to announce that the National Energy Board has approved ORA as an Intervenor in the panel hearings regarding the Energy East Pipeline application. ORA’s area of focus will be: The potential environmental and socio-economic effects of the Project, including the environmental effects of accidents or malfunctions that may occur in connection with the project, and any cumulative effects that are likely to result from the Project. The ORA will hire experts that will undertake: A review and analysis of historic data regarding spill causes, frequency, volume, response time, and effectiveness of clean-up, will […]

Rivers at Risk

Many rivers across Ontario are currently at risk due to existing and proposed developments.

We are working to protect them for our present and future generations.

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