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ORA Celebrates 10 years of Service to Ontario Rivers

A presentation made by the Chair of ORA:

A presentation made by the Chair at ORA’s 16 October 2021 Annual General Meeting:

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Agnico Eagle Upper Beaver Gold project – ORA Comments

The ORA strongly urges the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) to determine that a federal Impact Assessment is required to ensure that the ecological, social, and cultural effects of this proposed Project are rigorously assessed and mitigated. A federal IA would ensure that the potential ongoing cumulative effects of this Project on the environment, Indigenous communities and the public are fully addressed to ensure a more environmentally and socially sustainable outcome. 

Upper Beaver Gold Project – IAAC Portal.

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Misema Generating Station, Misema River

A 3 MW run-of-river hydroelectric dam was completed at Eighty Foot Falls, on the Misema River, in 2003 by Canadian Renewable Energy Corp.  This facility is now owned and operated by TransAlta Energy, and according to a recent hydrograph, appears to be running as a modified peaking run-of-river dam.  When did the operating strategy for this generating station change and how?  Was the public informed?  These are all questions for which Ontario Rivers Alliance is seeking answers.

Misema River - Before Hydro Facility

Misema River – Before Hydro Facility

Misema River - After Hydro Facility

Misema River – After Hydro Facility

Arial View of Misema

Arial View of Misema