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McGraw Falls GS, Matawin River

Water flowing downstream from the weir to the second falls

McGraw Falls Water Power (MFWP) is proposing to develop a 2 MW hydroelectric plant on the Matawin River at the McGraw Falls Dam, 7km southwest of Shabaqua Corners. A rubber dam will be added to the existing weir and will work in coordination with the existing reservoir upstream. The powerhouse will be located approximately 150m downstream of the dam. A wood pole distribution line will run 5km northwest along the existing roadway connecting to the existing line to the Shabaqua Distribution Station.

On April 1st, 2009 McGraw Falls Water Power posted a Notice of Completion, signaling that the ESR for McGraw Falls G.S. was completed. For more information please see the Project Documents section.

River:  Mattawin River
MNR Site No:  2AB13
Project Name:  McGraw Falls Generating Station
Project Location:  McGraw Falls Dam, Thunder Bay, ON
Installed Capacity:  2 MW
Contract:  Feed-in-Tariff (FIT)
Proponent:  Xeneca Power Development Inc.
Project Website:
Status:  Approved – uncertain whether construction has actually happened.