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Speak up for Ontario rivers!!

If you are concerned about the health and well being of our lakes and rivers, then please consider helping by signing our petitions below.

Sign the declaration to show you care about protected places and ask the governments of Ontario and Canada to meet the commitment to protect at least 17 percent of lands and inland waters by 2020.

The Protected Places campaign is a collaborative initiative of organizations that include Carolinian Canada Coalition, Earthroots, EcoSpark, Ontario Land Trust Alliance, Ontario Nature, Ontario Rivers Alliance, Plenty Canada, Save The Oak Ridges Moraine (STORM) Coalition.

The Protected Places Declaration

Protect at least 17 percent of our lands and inland waters by 2020

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Funds are not being required up-front for Dam Decommissioning on any of the hydroelectric proposals going through the approvals process. Power Generation Agreements must include mandatory up-front funds for dam decommissioning, so that if for some reason the generating station is no longer viable the funds will be in place to cover costs for removal. There is a very good likelihood of this if the dam becomes environmentally or socially unsustainable due to climate change, or in the event of major damage to the dam caused from ice and/or flooding - this must be made a condition for approval. This expense must no longer fall on the shoulders of the taxpayer, but be borne by the developer.

Dam Decommissioning

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Sign the Petition to let the government know it's not acceptable to exempt waterpower from requiring a Permit to Take Water (PTTW).

With 224 hydroelectric facilities in Ontario, and many more associated control dams, it is important that they continue to be assessed and monitored through a PTTW.

Cutting "red tape" to make it easier for waterpower to maximize power generation and reap higher rewards at the expense of the environment and communities is not acceptable.

The PTTW ensures the fair sharing of water, and that there is enough water available for aquatic ecosystems, for habitat, and other water users.

Check out ORA's submission and links to the Environmental Registry Posting

Speak Up for Ontario Rivers

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