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The Ministry of Energy and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) are promoting hydroelectric facilities as “clean” and “non-emitting” when there are over two decades of independent peer-reviewed studies reporting that hydroelectric reservoirs are a significant and ongoing source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in boreal, temperate and tropical regions.

Between 2013 and 2022, OPG sold over $5.5 million in Clean Energy Credits (CECs) in a private revenue-making scheme to offset GHG polluters that were, in effect, paying to fuel climate change. In fact, reservoirs are a consequential source of biogenic GHGs, including methane, which in some instances can reach the same emission rate as gas-fired facilities.

We are in a climate crisis, so OPG must stand up to its moral responsibilities to detect, measure and publicly report on all GHGs coming from its fleet of 66 hydroelectric facilities in Ontario and 87 in the US.

OPG recently reported to the Minister of Energy, recommending up to 5,000 MW of untapped hydroelectric potential to be harnessed for a "clean energy future".

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Hydroelectric is NOT a Pathway to Decarbonization

To Minister Todd Smith, Ken Hartwick, OPG, Barbara Ellard, IESO

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Funds are not being required up-front for Dam Decommissioning on any of the hydroelectric proposals going through the approvals process. Power Generation Agreements must include mandatory up-front funds for dam decommissioning, so that if for some reason the generating station is no longer viable the funds will be in place to cover costs for removal. There is a very good likelihood of this if the dam becomes environmentally or socially unsustainable due to climate change, or in the event of major damage to the dam caused from ice and/or flooding - this must be made a condition for approval. This expense must no longer fall on the shoulders of the taxpayer, but be borne by the developer.

Dam Decommissioning

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