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Honourable Kathleen Wynne’s Transition Team – FRDA to Wynne

RR 2 Site 10 Comp 4
Alban, Ontario P0M 1A0

February 5, 2013

The Honourable Kathleen Wynne
Premier Designate
Room 281, Main Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A1
E-mail – KWynne.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Dear Ms. Wynne

Re: Your transition team

Firstly, the French River Delta Association wishes to congratulate you on winning the Liberal leadership contest and becoming our Premier-designate. We look forward to your term of office.

About us

The French River Delta Association consists of the cottagers and local business owners who depend on the French River ecosystem. We are committed to ensuring that this ecosystem is sustained for future generations.

Our concerns about your transition team – Mr. Arnold Chan

French River Delta Association members had fervently hoped that the transition from Mr. McGuinty’s governance to yours would create a clean slate and lead to a model of governance that includes fairness, transparency and verifiable legitimate decisions.

However, we are concerned that, with the inclusion of Mr. Arnold Chan on your transition team, it is possible that politically connected corporations could unfairly influence decisions of policy-makers and regulatory agencies in Ontario, especially concerning the critical area of energy generation.

It is our position that Mr., Chan, as Vice President, Aboriginal Affairs and General Counsel of Xeneca Power Development Inc., represents the interests of that highly controversial, heavily subsidized corporation, which is proposing a hydro electric project in our area – the Allen & Struthers Wanapitei River Hydro Electric Generating Station. While hydro electric dams may be seen as green in Toronto, we in the North know that they are not feasible in all areas. Continue reading