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4 Proposed hydroelectric sites – Kapuskasing River

MNR Site No:  4LE3
Location:  Buchan Falls, Lapinigam Rapids, Kapuskasing River, Chapleau District, ON
Contract:  FIT – 8.2 MW IC

MNR Site No:  4LE5
Location:  Clouston Rapids, Kapuskasing River, Buchan, Chapleau District, ON
Contract:  FIT – 5 MW IC

MNR Site No:  4LF9
Location:  Cedar Rapids, Near North Boundary, Kapuskasing River, Buchan, Chapleau District, ON
Contract:  FIT – 3.75 MW IC

MNR Site No: 4LE1
Location:  Outlet Kapuskasing Lake, Kapuskasing River, Chapleau District, ON
Contract:  Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) – 2.5 MW Installed Capacity (IC)

Proponent:  Xeneca Power Development Inc., ON
Status:  Sites are all connected and will be under one Environmental Report.  Progressing through EA Process.

Additional Information:

Updated Notice of Commencement under the Class EA for Waterpower Projects
Kapuskasing River Waterpower Projects

Xeneca Power Development Inc. is planning to undertake an environmental evaluation and assessment of four proposed Generating Stations located at Kapuskasing Lake Outlet, Lapinigam Rapids, Middle Township Buchan (Clouston Rapids) and at Near North Boundary (Cedar Rapids). Each site is located on the Kapuskasing River, between the community of Elsas and the Town of Kapuskasing.

If approved and constructed, these waterpower projects on the Kapuskasing River will generate clean and renewable energy at a total installed capacity of about 19.45 MW. Each generating station will have water control structures (spillway and earthfill dams) with attached powerhouses (with the exception of the Kapuskasing Lake Outlet which will have a spillway dam and an open approach channel to the powerhouse). New roads and possible upgrades of existing roads will be required to access the sites. Transmission lines connecting at Weston Lake Transformer Station/Distribution Station will be installed in order to connect the stations to the provincial power grid.

The projects’ study areas are presented in the attached map. Further project information can be obtained by visiting the Xeneca website at Construction is expected to take place between 2013 and 2014 and the in-service date for the proposed projects is expected to be in early 2015. The projects are subject to the provisions of the Ontario Waterpower Association’s “Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for Waterpower Projects” (2008). Pursuant to the Class EA, the projects are considered to be on a managed waterway. The Class EA process requires Xeneca Power Development Inc. to undertake an evaluation of the proposed waterpower projects to evaluate the potential effects to the environment (positive and negative) and prepare a detailed Environmental Report. The projects are also expected to require review and approvals under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, Fisheries Act, Navigable Waters Protection Act, Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act (location approval and water management plan), Endangered Species Act, Ontario Water Resources Act, Environmental Protection Act and other legislation. This notice and the public consultation process for the projects under the Class EA, are intended to coordinate and meet the notification requirements relevant to the planning stage of the projects under these statutes. The evaluation and environmental report will assess the potential effects of construction and operation. Xeneca Power Development Inc. has identified certain environmental components that are expected to be the focus of the proposed Projects. Public consultation will be an integral component of this process.

For information on the project proposals, to raise any issues or concerns, or to be placed on the mailing list, please contact: Vanesa Enskaitis Public Affairs Liaison Xeneca Power Development Inc. T: 416-590-9362 X 104