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The Bala Portage – Duty to Consult – Wahta Mohawks

Bala Falls Portage

The Wahta Mohawks (formerly the Mohawks of Gibson)  arrived in Muskoka in November of 1881 using what is now called the Bala Portage – which has always been south of the Bala North Falls.  Historical documents clearly show that other First Nations in the area used this Portage prior to this.

Transportation by water and portaging is traditionally and culturally important to all First Nations, and it is disrespectful that we were not informed of the impact on the Bala Portage by this proposed project.  We plan on raising this issue with our political representative organizations including the Iroquois Caucus and Chiefs of Ontario.

We therefore hereby give notice that the communications and information the Wahta Mohawks have received concerning this proposed project have been completely inadequate, and the “Duty to Consult” has not been fulfilled.

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