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Bid Eddy Site, Waterpower Development, Petawawa River – Notice of Commencement


of an Environmental Assessment

Big Eddy Site, Waterpower Development, Petawawa River,Town of Petawawa

Petawawa (ON)

March 3, 2011 (Updated March 4, 2011) — Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Canadian Transportation Agency, National Defence and Transport Canada are required to ensure that a screening is conducted commencing on February 24, 2011 in relation to the development proposal: Big Eddy Site, Waterpower Development, Petawawa River,Town of Petawawa.

Xeneca Power Development Inc. has proposed to build a waterpower electricity generating facility on the Petawawa River. The Big Eddy waterpower development site is located in the City of Petawawa and is situated partially on Canadian Forces Base Petawawa. The proposed project at Big Eddy would capture the suveyed gross head of 9m. The conceptual development incorporates the use of a concrete weir and an earthen dam. A conveyance channel situated on the north shore of the river would conduct flow from the river to an intake which woud power one or more Kaplan turbines coupled to a generator with a combined rated nameplate capacity of 5.3 MW.

The project consists of the following physical works and activities: site preparation concrete weir (topped with control structure) and earthen dam; intake; penstock; powerhouse; transmission lines; substation; access roads; temporary storage facilities and laydown area; gates and fences; and other ancillary works and activities

Under section 5 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, an environmental assessment is required because, for the purpose of enabling the project to be carried out in whole or in part, Fisheries and Oceans Canada may take action in relation to subsection 35(2) of the Fisheries Act and may take action in relation to section 32 of the Fisheries Act; the Canadian Transportation Agency may take action in relation to subsection 101(3) of the Canada Transportation Act; National Defence may provide federal lands and Transport Canada may take action in relation to section 5 of the Navigable Waters Protection Act.

This project is also subject to the environmental assessment requirements of the Government of Ontario.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency will act as the Federal Environmental Assessment Coordinator for this environmental assessment.

For further information on this environmental assessment, please contact:
DFO – CEA Registry Office -Central & Arctic Region – Ontario Area
P.O. Box 5050
867 Lakeshore Road
Burlington  ON  L7R 4A6
Telephone: 905-336-4508

and refer to Registry reference number 11-01-61006

Note: The document has been amended on the following dates.
March 03, 2011 at 09:21
March 04, 2011 (Current)