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Burritts Rapids Micro-hydro Project

A community, non-profit Association, the Burritts Rapids Renewable Energy Association (BRREA), was incorporated on February 1, 2010 following a community meeting on January 5, 2010 and the support from the Burritt’s Rapids Community Association.

In 2012 BRREA was able to initiate a feasibility study for their project with the help of $51,250 funding from the Grenville Community Futures Development corporation.

“Ottawa and North Grenville have been very supportive,” said Mary Hegan a member of BRREA.   Hegan said that Parks Canada had authority over the dam site and was also a enthusiastic supporter of the project.

Having been successful in bringing their vision to life the BRREA is looking forward to more progress towards their goal. “We will find win win solutions to challenges ,” said Hegan. “Events like today’s Door Open event are very important,” she said. The interest in the project has slowly grown over the last few years attracting interest from outside the village. It is an idea who’s time has come according to community members. “The first person to drop by this morning was from Smiths falls,” said Hegan.  See full article here.

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