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Cascade Street Generating Station, Sequin River

Cascade Street GS – Parry Sound, ON

ln 2003, Parry Sound PowerGen completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) aimed at improving the electricity production of the Cascade Street Generating Station. Although this project was approved under the Environmental Assessment Act, the project was not constructed. Due to changes in both legislation and technology in the intervening L0 years, the previous (EA) should now be updated in the form of detailed “Addendum”. The physical components of the current project are identical to its predecessor and include a new powerhouse, penstock, intake and tailrace. Power generation will be increased to approximately 3.2 MW. Significant impacts on attendant ecological and social elements are not anticipated. Construction commencement is anticipated in the fall of 2014. Parry Sound PowerGen and Bracebridge Generation Ltd (BGL) are currently in the process of merging and existing PowerGen projects will be assumed by BGL. The proponent has voluntarily chosen to prepare the Addendum to inform the residents of Parry Sound and others of the intended construction and to request their input.

Revised Notice of Addendum and Open House – Cascade Street Generating Station Reconstruction

Notice of Completion

Ontario’s Cascade Generation Station begins 2.2 MW upgrade

Cascade Generation Station is up and running in Ontario – Dec 1, 2017

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