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CASP to Xeneca – Petawawa River, Big Eddy

September 15, 2011

Xeneca Power Development Inc.
Attention: Mr. Patrick Gillette
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Gillette:

This letter is a follow-up to the following two pieces of correspondence sent previously by this organisation:

1. “Questions Pertaining to the Big Eddy Generating Station” transmitted by email on February 3, 2011; and

2. “Concern with your company’s implementation of the Class Environmental Assessment process on the Big Eddy small waterpower project”, dated February 22, 2011.

You responded to the first of these pieces of correspondence after a fashion in the document “Frequently Asked Questions: Proposed Big Eddy Project at Railroad Rapids”, posted on your website around May 31, 2011. The second item has only received a brief form email acknowledging receipt.

Since the description of the project has changed quite a bit since early this year, and some of our earlier concerns are no longer applicable, we felt it might be useful to update these earlier pieces of correspondence in the light of our current understanding of the project.


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