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ORA’s first Youth Engagement event!

ORA Hydroelectric Youth Engagement-1ORA Hydroelectric Youth Engagement-2ORA Hydroelectric Youth Engagement-3ORA Hydroelectric Youth Engagement-4ORA Hydroelectric Youth Engagement-5ORA Hydroelectric Youth Engagement-6ORA Hydroelectric Youth Engagement-7

ORA collaborated with Engineers Without Borders (UW Chapter) to host a youth engagement workshop for 35 grade 11 students in St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School on March 31st. The group included students from the STEM Club and from the Environment Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Red Seal Program. ORA offered the students a Sector-Partnered Experience (SPE) focusing on real-world environmental issues to be solved. Continue reading

Potential Hydroelectric Dam at Cedar Rapids, Vermilion River

A company named WaterPower Group held a public meeting, in October of 2012, for members of the Capreol Business Association, Capreol Community Action Network, and members of the Town at the Millenium Centre.  This proponent proposes to build a hydroelectric dam on the Vermilion River at Cedar Rapids.

To read an article, go to page 15 of  The Capreol Press – October 1, 2012 – No. 87.

The photos below are of the area that is proposed to be dammed – Cedar Rapids on the Vermilion River.

Baby Snapping Turtle Hatch – 2012 – Vermilion River

The Snapping Turtle is a special concern species under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act. A management plan will be prepared.  The Snapping Turtle has also been assessed nationally as a special concern species by the federal Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC).  Status: special concern provincially and designated special concern federally.

Blue-green Algae bloom on Ella Lake, Vermilion River – November 2012 to March 2013

An Ella Lake resident has just reported that the Blue-green Algae bloom is still persisting.  So all local residents, cottagers and fishermen should continue to refrain from drinking, boiling, or using the water for the sauna.

Dr. Andrea Kirkwood, Faculty of Science, University of Ontario Institute of Technology has taken a special interest in our winter outbreak, and has offered to examine a sample to determine the strain of blue-green algae present in Ella Lake.

Vermilion River Stewardship and the Beaver Lake Sports and Cultural Club are very concerned about public safety, and have requested signage warning of the blue-green algae to be posted at Ella Lake and Wabagishik Lake boat launches. Continue reading

Misema Generating Station, Misema River

A 3 MW run-of-river hydroelectric dam was completed at Eighty Foot Falls, on the Misema River, in 2003 by Canadian Renewable Energy Corp.  This facility is now owned and operated by TransAlta Energy, and according to a recent hydrograph, appears to be running as a modified peaking run-of-river dam.  When did the operating strategy for this generating station change and how?  Was the public informed?  These are all questions for which Ontario Rivers Alliance is seeking answers.

Misema River - Before Hydro Facility

Misema River – Before Hydro Facility

Misema River - After Hydro Facility

Misema River – After Hydro Facility

Arial View of Misema

Arial View of Misema


Guiding Eagle – Allen & Struthers Proposed Hydroelectric Dam, Wanapitei River

“There is much interest in monitoring Sturgeon Chutes on the Wanapitei River.   The eagle was perched on a dead tree on the west bank of the Wanapitei River immediately downstream from Sturgeon Chutes as we passed in the boat. Then he seemed to say, “Hey follow me” and flew directly over the grave at Sturgeon Chutes and on over the proposed Allen & Struthers development while we watched.  We put our tobacco on the water while he and his partner eagle were still in sight.

Ginawaydaganuc. We ALL are connected.”

Guiding Eagle

Guiding Eagle

Perched Bald Eagle

Perched Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle