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Federal Review of the Navigation Protection Act

The protection of aquatic ecosystems is of prime importance to Canadians; therefore, ORA requests that the revised Act fully reinstate the environmental protection of Canada’s aquatic ecosystems that was removed by the previous government. Additional safeguards must also be included to ensure that the Act meets modern standards for protection.

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NWPA – Thompson of Transport Canada to Allen

July 20, 2011:


Allen: A number of my colleagues have turned to me with questions about the Navigable Waters Protection Act in light of Feed In Tarriff proposals for hydroelectric developments on rivers in Northern Ontario under plans by the Ontario Government through its Green Energy and Green Economy Act. This wave of questions has come to me, no doubt, because of my open letter to the TRAN committee on Feb. 22, 2009 at the time that changes to the Act were being proposed. My letter was widely distributed and posted on several websites. You can see a copy at the website of Alberta Whitewater. Continue reading