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Renewable Energy on Crown Land – EBR Posting 011-6005 – ORA Submission

ORA requests that the Renewable Energy on Crown Land Policy Review take into account the communities and stakeholders that will have to live with the impacts of these hydroelectric dams. Public consultation must be a mandatory component before releasing Crown Land to developers.

A provincial strategy for waterpower development is needed. A strategy that examines the full range of impacts before a site is released to developers, to look at where it makes ecological sense to build hydroelectric dams vs. where it does not make sense. Crown lands are held in trust for the people of Ontario – and therefore they must be effectively and transparently consulted before disposing of a waterpower site. Continue reading

EBR-010-7775 – Proposed Major Amendment to the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas (Wolf Lake) – ORA

July 11, 2011:


We are concerned about a proposed major amendment to the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas in the Chiniguchi River and Wolf Lake area of the Sudbury District. As the world’s largest old growth red pine forest1, the Wolf Lake area is ecologically unique and simply irreplaceable. As a popular tourist destination, the Wolf and Matagamasi Lake areas are an integral linkage for the Chiniguchi Waterway Park. Continue reading

EBR-010-7895 – Site Release Policy – ORA

April 13, 2011:


ORA is suggesting much more groundwork be undertaken, as well as consultation with the public and stakeholders, by the Applicant, before a Site Release is granted. There is no point in going through the Environmental Assessment process unless the Community, Stakeholders, and the Municipality have first given their consent. This Site Release Policy is important groundwork that must be completed and approved of before any Notice of Commencement is issued.  Continue reading