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Learn about the extraordinary American Eel!

It’s a lizard, It’s a snake, It’s one of the most unique fishes in the world: the¬†American Eel!

Known for their elongated bodies and short fins, these fish which were once very common in North American waterbodies, are now endangered. This is largely due to the presence of hydroelectric dams, which block their natural migration routes, making them unable to reach their breeding grounds in the ocean.

Learn more about their impressive migrations, extraordinary life cycle, and current conservation efforts through this short video.

Managing Effects of Open Cage Aquaculture – Joint Submission

We are deeply concerned about the proposed policy initiatives, and ask that no new or expanded cage aquaculture licences be authorized until appropriate consideration is given to the wisdom of expanding such operations in Ontario‚Äôs water bodies. If it is determined that such expansion is in keeping with Ontario‚Äôs legislative direction on protecting and restoring the ecological health of the Great Lakes ‚Äď St. Lawrence River Basin, we ask that rigorous standards, monitoring and reporting protocols, and compliance regimes be developed and implemented before any renewed, new or expanded operations are authorized.

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