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Temagami River – Camp Rapids Hydroelectric Proposals – FIT 4

River Valley Power Corp. and Water Power Group are applying for FIT contracts to develop 4 new hydroelectric power generation stations at Camp Rapids on the Temagami River in River Valley at Blue Grass Park.

These two developers have applied for and received endorsement by the West Nipissing Municipal Council, which qualifies the proponent/s for Priority Points under the IESO FIT 4 Program.  A decision by IESO will be forthcoming sometime in May of 2016 on whether they were successful. Continue reading

Fletcher’s Horse World – Nanticoke Creek – Archimedes Screw – 7.2 kw

Name: Fletcher’s Horse World
Site Identification #: 2GC35-2012
Location: Lat – 42 56 14.03 Long – 0 80 15 6.92
Address: 2173 Cockshutt Rd. Waterford, ON, CANADA N0E 1Y0
Watercourse: Nanticoke Creek
Description: The Fletchers Horse World had an old mill building and dam on the property that was last used to produce DC electric power a long time ago. The turbine was in the local museum building and although the building needed some repair John Fletcher was interested in restoring the site to generate electricity to offset his fairly large electric bill on his horse farm/event centre. John also wanted to improve the appearance of the site because the bridge crossing over the dam and beside the old mill building was also his personal residence driveway. Restoring the site but keeping the historical aspects and bringing these historical aspects back in operation was the project’s goal. This project is owned by the Fletchers.


Maximum Output: 7.2 kW
Generator Type: Induction Generator
Connection Type: 240 V single phase grid connected (Net Metering)
Screw Design Type: Concrete Cast In place – Stainless Steel Trough
Maximum Design Flow Capacity: 536 Liters per second
Design Head: 1.7 Meters
RPM: 41
Est. annual output: 50415 kWh

Additional information here.

Milltown Waterpower Project – Salmon River – 0.2 MW

Milltown Waterpower Project Public Information Centre

Tuesday December 20, 2011
Milltown Waterpower is proposing a development that will rehabilitate the existing mill site, on the Salmon River, near the intersection of Milltown Road and Salmon River Road, in Tyendinaga Township. The Project will use Ontario developed new technologies which will take advantage of this very low head site. The intent of the project is to not manipulate the river and to minimize the project footprint. The technology is designed to minimize the impact on the river.

To this purpose, Milltown Water Power in cooperation with The Greer Galloway Group Inc. has intiated a Class Environmental Assessment Study to assess the effects development would have on the area.

This project is being planned in accordance with the requirements of the Municpal Class Environmental Assessment. A public information centre is planned to provide further information to the public on the proposal and to recieve input and comment from interested persons. Subject to comments recieved and the receipt of necessary approvals, Milltown Water Power intends to proceed with the detailed design and construction of this project.

Alf Chaiton, project manager of the Milltown Waterpower Project near Shannonville, and Loic Petillon, project manager of Ossberger, a manufacturer of small turbines, provided examples of how new technology is being developed to extract the most benefit from even modest flows of water.