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Lower Lake Hydro Project – Augusabon River

MNR Site No:  2BA14
Project Name:  Lower Lake Hydro Project
Location:  Augusabon River, near Terrace Bay, ON
Contract:  Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) – 6 to 9 MW Installed Capacity
Proponent:  Lower Lake Hydro Limited Partnership, Pays Plat FN and Ojibways of the PIC River FN
Contact:  Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners
Status:  Unknown.

Project Description (as posted in the Notice of Commencement)

The project is currently on hold. However, the project description as it stands on hold is as follows: Brookfield Power, in joint venture partnership with the Pays Plat First Nation and the Ojibways of the Pic River First Nation, proposes to construct a 6 to 9 MW run-of-river hydroelectric facility. The proposed site is located approximately 16 km north of Terrace Bay in Northwestern Ontario and will consist of a concrete dam/weir/sluiceway approximately 13m high with a crest 35m long. This facility will create 15 to 20m of additional head and utilize Lower Lake and upstream reaches of the Aguasabon River for pondage capabilities. Project components include: · dam/weir/sluiceway · water conveyance and powerhouse · transmission line · head pond creation The scope of the project includes the physical impacts associated with the construction, operation, modification, and maintenance of the proposed works including temporary access facilities, associated approaches, storage sites and other undertakings directly associated with the hydroelectric facility.