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Delhi Quance Dam Archimedes Screw Micro Hydro-Electric Project – Big Creek

Archimedes Screw

GreenBug has been awarded a contract under FIT-3 to produce approximately 60 kwh (Installed Capacity) of power.   Installed Capacity is the amount of power the turbine is capable of generating; however, with seasonal flows a facility would produce approximately 50% of Installed Capacity – 30 kwh.

Under FIT-3 power producers are paid for all power generated and the proponent cannot be told to stand down and stop producing if Ontario has a surplus of power.

GreenBug-Norfolk Waterpower Quance Dam Limited Partnership (“LP”) is planning to undertake an environmental evaluation and assessment to develop a 0.06 megawatt waterpower facility at 230 Talbot Road in Delhi, Ontario behind the Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre. The project would consist of installing an Archimedes Screw micro power generating system beside an existing dam. If approved and constructed, this waterpower project would produce approximately 400 MWh of renewable energy annually.

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