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Birch Creek Small Hydro Project, Birch Creek

This hydroelectric proposal is for Birch Creek, at Dam Road, Webbwood, Ontario.   Birch Creek flows into the Spanish River.  This proposal has a Feed-in-Tarriff (FIT) contract which pays a 50% peaking bonus for all power generated.  FIT Contracts have a 40 year term.   Projects with FIT contracts cannot be told to stop generating if Ontario has a surplus of power – they get paid for all power generated whether it is required or not.

It appears this proposal is dormant at the moment; however, once a FIT Contract is issued it doesn’t appear there is a mechanism to withdraw the contract.  This is all we have on this proposal:

Birch Creek Small Hydro Project – Notice of Commencement

6324827 Canada Inc is planning to undertake an environmental evaluation and assessment for the proposed Birch Creek Small Hydro project. The project is located at Dam Rd, Webbwood, Ontario. If approved and constructed, this waterpower project would be close to 1 MW in capacity and produce 5,420 MWh of renewable energy annually. The project’s study area is presented in the map below. The project will include a water intake, penstock, powerhouse and tailrace. Associated facilities will include access roads and a temporary equipment laydown area.

The project is subject to the provisions of the Ontario Waterpower Association “Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower Projects”. Pursuant to the Class EA, this project is considered to be associated with existing infrastructure on a managed waterway. The Class EA process requires 6324827 Canada Inc to evaluate the positive and negative environmental effects of the proposed project and prepare an Environmental Report. The project is also expected to require review and approvals under the (Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act, etc.). This notice and the public consultation process for the project under the Class EA is
intended to coordinate and meet the notification requirements relevant to the planning stage of the project under these statutes.

The Class EA process is anticipated to be completed in the fall of 2012, following which construction is anticipated to commence and be ongoing for 6 months, provided approval. The evaluation and environmental report will assess the potential effects of the proposed waterpower project on the environment during its construction
and operation. 6324827 Canada Inc. has identified certain environmental components that are expected to be the focus of the proposed project. Public and First Nation consultation will be an integral component throughout this process. WEC Ltd is undertaking the EA on behalf of 6324827 Canada Inc. You are invited to provide comments on the issues to be addressed, and/or to ask to be placed on the project’s mailing list. For information on the project proposal, to raise any issues or concerns, or to be placed on the mailing list, please contact:
Robin Wentzel
2052 Gatineau View Cres
Ottawa, ON, K1J 7X1
T: 613-686-2124