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ORA Celebrates 10 years of Service to Ontario Rivers

A presentation made by the Chair of ORA:

A presentation made by the Chair at ORA’s 16 October 2021 Annual General Meeting:

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First Chute – Bonnechere River

The Chute, Bonnechere River

The Chute, Bonnechere River

First Chute on the Bonnechere River – New Clear Point Generating Station Waterpower Project, 32 Bridge Avenue W., Renfrew, ON.   Statemenet of Completion was issued; however, construction has not moved forward at this time.

Renfrew Power Generation (RPG) is proposing to construct a 1.7 MW hydro power project at the First Chute site at the top of Reach 1 of the Bonnechere River in eastern Ontario near the Town of Renfrew, Ontario. The proposed project involves construction of a “run of river” with a small headpond along the Bonnechere River. Construction of a dam across the falls is proposed to raise the head to greater than the natural head of 9 meters in order to make the project economic. The river water will then be naturally directed into an earth canal which follows a former canal. The downstream end of the canal will have an intake structure and 2 penstocks which lead into the powerhouse. The project would comprise of a single power plant and a 44 kV transmission line. The scope of the project includes physical impacts associated with the construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of the proposed works including temporary access facilities, associated approaches, storage sites and other undertakings directly associated with the generating station. Under section 5 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, an environmental assessment is required for this project because Transport Canada has been asked to provide regulatory approval pursuant to section 5(1)(a) of the Navigable Waters Protection Act and Fisheries and Oceans Canada may issue a permit or license under subsection 35(2) of the Fisheries Act.

MNR Site: 2KC11
Location:  Renfrew, ON
Status:  Statement of Completion