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McCreight’s Dam Replacement, Bridgeland River


MNR Site No:  2CA5
Project Name: McCreight’s Dam Replacement
Project Location:  Thessalon, ON
Proponent: MNR
Contact: J.L. Richards
Status:  Undergoing replacement of existing two gate dam structure.  New 8m 2-gate structure.  Existing dam used as a coffer dam.

McCreight’s Dam and the Bridgeland River.  Also nearby, McCreight’s Pond, a closed Ontario Ranger camp (2012), a closed Ontario Forestry Prison farm (1973), and an abandoned fire tower. McCreight’s dam is about 6 kilometers (4 miles) north of the village of Little Rapids in the Kirkwood Forest. The original dam dated from the early 1900‘s and was replaced with a new two gate water control dam- -Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources is responsible for the structure.