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Emmerson Dam Micro-hydro Project – Drag River

Haliburton, ON

2130366 Ontario Inc. is planning to undertake an evaluation and assessment for a proposed waterpower project, the Emmerson Dam Micro-hydro Project, located in Haliburton, Ontario, on the Drag River.   This micro-hydro project has been granted a contract under FIT-3 to produce approximately 40 kwh Installed Capacity.  Under FIT-3 power producers are paid for all power generated and the proponent cannot be told to stand down and stop producing if Ontario has a surplus of power.

Installed Capacity is the amount of power the turbine is capable of generating; however, with seasonal flows a facility would produce approximately 50% of Installed Capacity – 20 kwh.

Notice of Commencement here.

Project Website.

Background Information on the Drag River here.

Statement of Completion – Issued March 12, 2015

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