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Charlton GS Expansion – Englehart River

Kagawong Power Inc. (KPI) increased the capacity of the Charlton Dam Generating Station to produce 1,350 kilowatt-hours Installed Capacity. This new generation would supply the electricity needs of 130 houses.

The Project added two turbo-generators in an unused turbine bay, within the walls of the existing powerhouse. The plant rated flow increased to 18 m3/s corresponding to an output of 1,350 kilowatts. Please see the Supporting Documents section for more details about the project.

Click Here for an interactive map of the project area with photos.

Project Location

The Charlton Generating Station is located on an island in the Englehart River within the town of Charlton. Secondary highway 573 crosses the pipeline alignment. Refer to Notices section of this website for a map of the project location.

Project Status

A Notice of Commencement was published in November 2008.  The Preliminary studies were completed in 2009, the project is now at the screening stage under the Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower Projects.