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ORA Support for the East Branch Weir Removal Project, Eramosa River

East Channel Dam in low flow summer season – no flow moving through the dam to the East Channel of the Eramosa

The ORA is pleased to support the Eden Mills Eramosa River Conservation Association (EMERCA) application for an EcoAction Community Funding Grant for the East Branch Weir Removal Project on the Eramosa River in Eden Mills, Ontario. This Project includes the removal of an existing steel control structure at the top of the East Channel of the Eramosa River, and the naturalization and remediation of this section of the River. Removing the weir would expand the coldwater fishery, increase flows and build resilience to the effects of a warming climate.

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Save the East Channel of the Eramosa River

Upper Dam diverts flow from East Channel into West Channel of Eramosa River

Upper Dam diverts flow from East Channel into West Channel of Eramosa River

The East Channel is a stretch of the Eramosa River that runs through the village of Eden Mills, between Rockwood and the city of Guelph.  The East Channel was once a pristine river ecosystem; however, for years, it  has been in a state of decline.  Why?  Because a private dam was built without an environmental assessment or permits in the early 1990s, and blocks water from flowing down into the East Channel during the low flow summer months when the river and aquatic life need it the most.  Even though there could be as much as 20 inches of water in the river at the entrance of the East Channel, the Upper Dam blocks the flow completely at those times.  This dam continues to cause significant and alarming environmental harm to the East Channel’s river ecosystem. Continue reading

Eramosa River Upper Dam – East Channel, Eden Mills – Safety Issues


STEC members are riparian landowners living within the flood plain area immediately downstream of the Upper Dam, and not withstanding the environmental impacts resulting from flow being totally cut off during low-flow periods, they are extremely concerned about the safety of their families and property in the event that this unauthorized and unapproved dam could fail during a high water or extreme weather event. Continue reading