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Gananoque Generating Station, Gananoque River

Gananoque (0.7 MW) – Gananoque: Gananoque River

Gananoque Generating Station is a single-unit hydroelectric station located on the Gananoque River in Gananoque, Ontario. The station has been in service since 1939. The station has an installed capacity of 0.7 MW at a head of 18.3 metres.

The station is run-of-river without storage capability. The headwork consists of a concrete gravity dam with manually operated steel gates and stoplogs. The power canal feeds into the concrete intake equipped with steel trashracks and manually operated steel gates, which are used to control water. One steel penstock conveys water to the concrete powerhouse. Water is discharged into the Gananoque River.

The station is connected to Canadian Niagara Power’s 2.4 kV circuit 27-12 from the Gananoque main substation.

This hydroelectric generating station generates approximately 2,781 MWh of renewable energy per year.
Location: Gananoque, Ontario
River System: Gananoque River
Nameplate Capacity: 0.7 MW
OPA Contracted Capacity: 0.7 MW
Operator: Fortis Properties Corporation
Technology: Hydroelectric
Turbines: One Francis turbine
Originally Built: 1939
Coordinate: 44° 19′ 39.41″ N, 76° 9′ 48.14″ W

Gananoque Dam and Hydroelectric Facility – Agreement Renewal – Disposition of American Eel – ORA

May 23, 2011:


The Waterpower Agreement process outlined in Regulation 242/08 of the ESA is one means of ensuring effective mitigation. However, the Gananoque Agreement falls far short of being an effective means of protection and recovery of the American Eel, and gives the appearance that waterpower developers have too much influence in negotiating effective agreements. A much stronger agreement should have been possible given that the ministry has had three years to negotiate it. Continue reading