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ORA Celebrates 10 years of Service to Ontario Rivers

A presentation made by the Chair of ORA:

A presentation made by the Chair at ORA’s 16 October 2021 Annual General Meeting:

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Terminated FIT Contracts

The Ontario Rivers Alliance filed a Freedom of Information Application with the IESO in February of 2016 to obtain the following list of terminated Feed-in-Tariff Contracts: Continue reading

10 Ontario Rivers Protected from 19 Hydroelectric Projects

Wabagishik Rapids – Vermilion River

Update: In the end, ORA and our membership stopped 24 projects on 12 rivers.

MEDIA RELEASE:  For Immediate Release:  13 July 2016

10 Ontario Rivers Protected from 19 Hydroelectric Projects

SUDBURY:  The Ontario Rivers Alliance (ORA) is celebrating a major victory in the protection of 10 Ontario rivers that have been under threat from 19 proposed hydroelectric projects.   Actions taken by the ORA and its members have led to what was considered to be impossible – the termination of 19 Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Contracts.

In 2011, ORA came into being to address a rash of 87 proposed hydroelectric proposals initiated under the Green Energy Act.  The offer of generous incentives to produce power during peak demand hours had proponents rushing to claim access to falls and rapids on rivers all across the province.  The number of proposals to actually receive FIT Contracts was soon reduced to 41, and of those, Xeneca Power Development Inc. had secured 19 contracts for projects involving 23 Crown sites on 10 Ontario rivers. Continue reading

Larder & Raven Waterpower Generating Station, Larder River

Raven Falls, Larder River

Raven Falls, Larder River

MNR Site No: 2JC21
Location:  Raven Falls, Larder River,
Contract:  Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) – 1.25 MW Installed Capacity
Proponent:  Xeneca Power Development Inc.
Status:  This project is progressing through the Environmental Assessment process.


Notice of Commencement under the Class EA for Waterpower Projects
Larder & Raven Waterpower Project

Xeneca Power Development Inc. is commencing an environmental evaluation and assessment for the proposed Larder & Raven waterpower generating station located on the Larder River, east of the Town of Larder Lake in McFadden Township. The proposed waterpower generating station will generate clean, green, renewable energy at an installed capacity of about 1.25 MW. The structure’s components will include a water control structure (dam) and powerhouse. Upgrade of existing roads will be required to access the site. A transmission line connecting at Kirkland Lake TS will be installed in order to connect the station to the provincial power grid.

The project is subject to the provisions of the Ontario Waterpower Association’s “Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for Waterpower Projects” (2008). Pursuant to the Class EA, this project is considered to be on a unmanaged waterway. The Class EA process requires Xeneca Power Development Inc. to undertake an evaluation of the proposed waterpower project to determine its potential effects to the environment (positive and negative) during its construction and operation and prepare a detailed Environmental Report. The project may also require review and approval under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Further project information can be obtained by visiting the Xeneca website at

This notice and the public consultation process for the project under the Class EA, is intended to coordinate and meet the notification requirements relevant to the planning stage of the project under the above statutes. Notification of public meetings to be held in regard to the project will be posted within the next 6-8 months. Public consultation will be an integral component of this process. You are invited to provide comments on the issues to be addressed, and/or to ask to be placed on the project’s mailing list. Please contact: Vanesa Enskaitis Public Affairs Liaison Xeneca Power Development Inc.
T: 416-590-9362 X 104 E:

Wendigo Power Development – Larder River, Teddy’s Falls

Wendigo Power Partnership Inc. (WPP) is proposing to develop a 3 MW Installed Capacity hydroelectric waterpower facility on the Larder River at Teddy’s Falls. The Project Description is now available for download here.

This undertaking is being assessed under the Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower Projects (March 2011) planning process.  More details are available here.

MNR Site: 2JC26
Location:  Marter Township, Temiskaming
Status:  EA Underway
To register as a stakeholder:

Larder and Raven Hydroelectric Generating Station, Larder River, McFadden Township – Notice of Commencement


of an Environmental Assessment

Larder and Raven Hydroelectric Generating Station, Larder River, McFadden Township

Raven Falls (ON)

June 8, 2011 — Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Transport Canada are required to ensure that a screening is conducted commencing on May 27, 2011 in relation to the development proposal: Larder and Raven Hydroelectric Generating Station, Larder River, McFadden Township.

Xeneca Power Development Inc. is proposing to construct and operate a hydroelectric generating station on the Larder River, immediately upstream of Raven Falls, 100 m upstream of the existing Raven Dam and 1.4 km downstream of the existing Larder Lake Control Dam, located in the Township of McFadden, District of Timiskaming. The proposed development would be operated as a run-of-river facility with some daily flow modifications and will have a generating capacity of 1.25 MW. The project would involve the construction of an earthen dam with a central concrete sluice gate as well as an intake that would direct water through a penstock to the powerhouse. The facility would capture 18 m of surveyed gross head and would result in the flooding of approximately 22 ha of riparian lands up to 1.9 km upstream of the dam. In association with the new development, the Raven Dam and the Larder Lake Control Dam will be removed, modified, replaced or otherwise decommissioned. The proposed project would connect to the electrical grid via a new 44 kV power line, supported by wooden piles, approximately 16 km in length. The required right-of-way for the power line corridor would extend from 10-30 m dependant on site characteristics. One pad mount transformer would be required. Access to the proposed site would require upgrading 1.8 km of existing road east of Highway 624 and the construction of 7.3 km of new access road, running east from the highway. Continue reading