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American Eel Engagement Workshop – Government Response Statement

As a potential next step for the Ottawa River, we recommend assessing a suitable location for a ladder at the Carillon Generating Station over the next 1-2 migration seasons coupled with a commitment to providing passage the following year. Studies conducted by Hydro QC and Milieu Inc. in 2001 and 2010 revealed that more elvers approach the southern turbines than northern ones; however, shorelines, the shipping canal, and the spillway were not assessed. It is reasonable to delay installing a permanent ladder until such assessments are completed; however, free passage should be provided by the 2019 migration season. Consideration should be given to translocating elvers captured during such assessments above the Carillon Generating Station. Continue reading

Chenaux Generating Station, Ottawa River

Chenaux Generating Station

PLANT GROUP: Ottawa/St. Lawrence Plant Group
RIVER: Ottawa
NEAREST POPULATION CENTRE: Renfrew (16 km (10 miles) south)
UNITS 1-2 – 1950
UNITS 3-8 – 1951
BUILT BY: Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario
Three hundred years ago, intrepid French voyageurs, making their way down the Ottawa River to the flourishing fur markets of Montreal and Quebec, undertook a long portage just above the swift rapids. They gave the rapids the name “Chenaux” plural for “chenal” or “channel.” Fearing the loss of their precious furs in the seething waters, they favoured the safer course offered by the rigorous trail through the wilderness. The arduous portage was called “Portage du Fort” (portage of the strong) from which the adjacent village derives its name. It was at this point that the adventurers shouldered their canoes and began the long trek overland.
The Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario harnessed the Ottawa River to produce more electric power for the homes, farms and industries of Ontario and the Chenaux station was one of the post World War II developments.
Within a short distance of the project, was a well-planned construction camp with accommodation for 1,500 workers. Incorporating the most advanced features of camp design, the well-constructed living quarters, engineering and administrative offices were equipped with modern conveniences.
The bunkhouses were partitioned for greater individual privacy and had hot and cold running water, showers and other facilities. An efficiently operated cafeteria with spacious dining quarters and rapid service distribution provided wholesome, well-balanced meals to hundreds of men engaged on the job.
Other buildings included a camp hospital, a recreation hall and storage quarters.

Chats Falls & Chenaux – Waterpower Agreements Renewal – Ross

June 13, 2011:


I write this open letter as an Algonquin Elder from Pikwàkanagàn First Nation in response to your invitation for public comment to the proposed waterpower agreements with Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG) at Chats Falls and Chenaux. I write one letter to you both since there is a lack of continuity in MNR’s approaches to waterpower agreements in different parts of the Ottawa River Watershed and elsewhere in Ontario. There also is a lack of continuity between these proposed agreements and MNR’s responsibilities under the Lakes and Rivers Act (LRIA). I think that it is wrong for MNR to have so many different ways of treating agreements under Ontario Regulation 242/08 and also wrong to not acknowledge in every waterpower agreement the fact that MNR has responsibilities under LRIA. Continue reading

Mississippi, Chats, Chenaux Hydroelectric Generation Facilities – Agreement Renewals – Allen

June 20, 2011:


Through my June 15, 2008 public input to MNR re EBR 010-3320 (To establish new regulatory provisions under the Endangered Species Act, 2007 to allow certain activities to continue), I alerted MNR to issues which it could have incorporated into the proposed agreements. For unknown reasons MNR has decided not to follow that advice. I ask that all of my three-year-old public comment to EBR 010-3320 be reviewed and incorporated into any agreement which goes forward. I also ask that my public comments re EBR 011-3334 be reviewed and incorporated into any agreement which goes forward. Continue reading

Chenaux Hydroelectric Facility Agreement Renewal – Disposition of American Eel – ORA

June 20, 2011:


This agreement must provide for permanent upstream and downstream passage to be installed at a specified time within the 30-year agreement, otherwise the ministry is committing the minister to an agreement that may not meet all tests of OReg. 242 for a 30-year period! This agreement does not even give a remote perception of assurance that the two fundamentals of recovery of eels will ever be installed, i.e. upstream and downstream passage. Continue reading