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Gitchi Animki Bezhig Generating Station & Gitchi Animki Niizh Generating Station, Pic River

River:  Pic River
MNR Site No:  2BC2 and 2BC5
Project Name:  Gitchi Animki Bezhig and Gitchi Animki Niizh Generating Stations
Project Location:  Brother’s Township
Installed Capacity:  8.9 MW and 10 MW
Contract:  Feed-in-Tariff (FIT)
Proponent:  Pic Mobert Hydro Power Joint Venture
Status:  Under construction

More information here.

High Falls & Manitou Falls Generating Stations, Pic River, Pic River First Nation

This 6 MW, two-part project is 100% fully owned and controlled by the Pic River First Nation.

River:  Pic River
Site:  High Falls,
MNR Site No:  2BB2 & 2BB4
Project Name:  High Falls and Manitou Falls Hydropower Developments
Project Location: Thunder Bay District
Installed Capacity:  3.2 MW and 2.8 MW
Contract:  40 year Power to Purchase Agreements
Proponent:  Pic River First Nation
Contact:   Byron LeClair
More information here.