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West Nipissing Power Dam Upgrade – Sturgeon River

Upgrade of 100 year old power dam.  Forebay and wingwall replacements – dam stabilization, anchoring and grouting – optimizing studies for existing and new 4 MW turbines.  Turbine and monitoring relay replacements.

Contact:  J.L. Richards

West Nipissing Power Generation (6.5 MW) – Sturgeon Falls: Sturgeon River

Location: Sturgeon Falls, ON
River System: Sturgeon River
Nameplate Capacity: 7.0 MW
OPA Contracted Capacity: 6.5 MW
Operator: West Nipissing Power Generation
Technology: Hydroelectric
Turbines: Six double runners Francis turbines, plus two unused bays
Originally Built: 1902
Term Commencement Date: March 1, 2010