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Lake Shore Gold Timmins West Mine Site – Site Visit Report, Tatachikapika River, by Larry Robichaud

Site Visit Report

Location: Lake Shore Gold Timmins West Mine Site

Date: December 6th 2011

Purpose: Effluent Treatment System Tour


Backgrounder: A report to the Ministry of Environment was submitted on October 27th 2011. The report was entered because of the river bank erosion and native forest deterioration below the end of pipe at the Tatachikapika River effluent discharge from the Timmins West mine. The ensuing intentions of the individual who submitted the report was to engage up front with the mining operation in an effort to find out how the river bank situation was to be fixed and also how the treatment system operates.

Mr. Anthony Makuch President of Lake Shore Gold called me 20 days later with the message that his operation’s management team would contact me within a few days to discuss my degree of participation and interest with regards to resolving the Tatachikapika River bank erosion issue. Continue reading