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Cliffs Ferrochrome Processing Facility – Comments on Terms of Reference

Vermilion River Stewardship has commented on the Terms of Reference for the proposed Ferrochrome Processing Facility, to be located on the outskirts of Sudbury, Ontario – see comments below.  This facility would be situated near the top of the Vermilion River Watershed, and has the potential to negatively impact water quality and water quantity, as well as pose a significant threat to public health and safety.   This proposal would turn chromite into ferrochrome, which is in turn used to make stainless steel.

MiningWatch has conducted a literature review of environmental and human health issues associated with mining and processing the metal. The complete literature review and three summary fact sheets are available below.

Complete Literature Review (PDF 846 KB)

Potential impacts of mining and processing chromite. Fact Sheet 1 (PDF 594 KB)

Working with chromite: things you should know. Fact Sheet 2 (PDF 565 KB)

Living near a chromite mine or processing facility: things you should know. Fact Sheet 3 (PDF 447 KB)

Cliffs considers Vermilion River for smelter’s water supply

Vermilion River

Vermilion River

CBC Morning North – Click to listen to interview with Linda Heron
Other industrial development planned for Vermilion as well

Cliffs Natural Resources says it’s evaluating a number of water sources, including the Vermilion River, for its proposed ferrochrome smelter in Capreol in Sudbury — and that has the local stewardship committee concerned.

Vermilion River Stewardship chair Linda Heron said the river can’t take any more development.

“For years the water levels have been going lower and lower, so we question what we can afford to lose additionally out of the river,” she said.

There are already five proposals for hydro-electric dams that could end up on the Vermilion River, in addition to the Cliffs project. Xeneca has four proposed Hydro electric dams on the Vermilion River, and Water Power Group plans to put a hydroelectric dam in Capreol. Continue reading