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Stobie Dam Replacement – Vermilion River

Stobie Dam, Vermilion River

Domtar has started the process of replacing the Stobie Dam.  J. L. Richard and Associates are the engineering firm undertaking the replacement of the existing 10-gate 60 meter structure with a 4-gate control dam structure and 100 meter control spilllway weir.   Work consists of 500 cubic meters of new structural concrete and removal of existing dam.

This posting is just for your information – ORA has no concerns.

Stobie Dam is located in Creighton Township (North 46’32’6″, West 81o 16’56”)on the Vermilion River approximately three 3 km downstream from the eastern outlet of Vermilion Lake. Vermilion
Lake is approximately 11 km’ (4 mi’)in size with a watershed drainage area of 2850 km2 (1100 mi2;. The lake is no longer used as a reservoir – level is maintained for local users. The lake is a
widening of the Vermilion River.

Stobie dam is constructed of reinforced concrete. lt has five log sluiceways. Four sluiceways are 14tl(4.27 m) wide and may contain up to 14 stop logs (7 doubles)each. The fifth sluiceway is 8
ft (2.44 m) wide and does not have any stop logs in it. The dam also has an east and west weir. The east weir is 64 ft. (19.5 m) in length and the west weir is 190 ft (57.91 m) in length.

The target elevation for the dam is a year-round elevation 841.5 (256.49 m) asl.  Due to the large weirs associated with this dam, the operational portion requires infrequent changes. ln years of exceptional spring run off the dam will need to be opened. Opening of the dam must be done in communication with the Nickel District Conservation Authority to minimize further flooding of downstream landowners.

Vermilion Lake is part of an established canoe route on the Vermilion River. This area is within the Greater City of Sudbury and is readily accessible by municipal roads. The lake has several
cottages and a couple of campgrounds. Walleye, perch and northern pike are some of the fish species present.