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Cedar Rapids – Vermilion River

Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids

Update:  Water Power Group was denied a Feed-in-Tariff Contract because the entire north is now constrained, with no more availability on the power grid.

Water Power Group plans to develop the Cedar Rapids site  as a waterpower project.  They are proposing a true run-of-river type project, on a section of the Vermilion River, just south of the Town of Capreol, and promises to be low-impact and to maintain the natural beauty of the area and rapids.  Water Power Group will apply for a 40-year, fixed-rate contract with the province under the Large Energy Procurement Policy.  More information here.

ORA has no position on this Proposal until more details are available; however, Water Power Group has a track record of low impact true run-of-river operations which tend to be less destructive to the riverine ecosystem.  They have attended our ORA General Meeting and made presentation regarding their ethics and standards.