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Chaudiere Falls Generating Station, Ottawa River

Chaudiere Falls GS, Ottawa

Chaudiere Falls GS, Ottawa

Project Name:  Chaudiere Falls Hydro Project
Project Location:  Ottawa,
Installed Capacity:
Contract:  Feed-in-Tariff (FIT)
Proponent:  Hydro Ottawa Inc.
Status:  Permitting.

Organization: Energy Ottawa Inc. – a subsidiary of Hydro Ottawa

Project Start Date: 2015 to 2017


To build and operate a new 29-megawatt hydroelectricity plant that will produce enough energy to power 20,000 homes for a year. This project will nearly double Hydro Ottawa’s total capacity on the Ottawa River.


The plan is to shut down two aging generating stations, and build a larger one with a wide intake and new turbine station. The new renewable power produced at the facility will feed into the local grid and is considered the most environmentally benign type of energy to produce because it generates no greenhouse gases and won’t involve changing the Ottawa River’s water dynamic at all.

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Chaudiere #4 Generating Station is a 2-unit hydroelectric station located on the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario. The powerhouse was originally built in 1900. The redeveloped station came online in 2005 and has an installed capacity of 9.3 MW at a head of 10.3 metres.

The station is run-of-river without storage capability. The station consists of concrete headworks and intake. Concrete channel conveys water to the stone powerhouse.

The footprint, including powerhouse and water conveyance, is part of a designated heritage site.

The station is connected to Hydro Ottawa’s 13.2 kV feeders TC1TL, TC2TL and TC3TL supplied from the Lisgar Transformer Station LV bus.

This hydroelectric generating station generates approximately 61,000 MWh of renewable energy per year.

Location: Ottawa
River System: Ottawa River
Nameplate Capacity: 9.3 MW
OPA Contracted Capacity: 9.3 MW
Operator: Energy Ottawa Inc.
Technology: Hydroelectric
Turbines: Two horizontal double Francis
Originally Built: 1900
Coordinate: 45° 25′ 13.5″ N, 75° 42′ 53″ W

Project Contacts:

Ontario Power Authority