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Chief Wayne McQuabbie of Henvey/French River First Nations – Letter to Xeneca – Wanapitei River

6 September 2011:

“Henvey/French River First Nation will not sanction the proposed development at Sturgeon Chutes/Lower Wahnapitea River, and will continue to voice our opposition to the project.

I encourage Xeneca Power to adhere to its own policy in respect to Aboriginal Relations within First Nation’s  Traditional Territories.

It has also come to my attention that Xeneca has made attempts to form partnerships with other First Nations in the Traditional Territory of Henvey/French River Band.  Further attempts of this nature will result in Henvey/French River seeking legal remedies against Xeneca Power.

I also ask Xeneca Power refer to recent news releases in respect to a supreme court decision regarding Traditional Lands “Grassy Narrows vs. Ministry of Natural Resources.” 

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