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Conditional FIT Contract – Xeneca Power Development Inc., Allen & Struthers Wanapitei River site

Excerpt from letter – French River Delta Association to Ontario Power Authority:

We are writing to ask that you terminate Xeneca Power Development Inc. (“Xeneca”)’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) contract for the proposed Allen & Struthers hydro electric generating project (the “Proposed Project”). In our view, you have the power to do so, and should do so because:

1. The Proposed Project will not provide the promised amount of power;
2. The Proposed Project would cause significant harm to the natural environment and a provincial park;
3. Xeneca is in violation of the terms of its FIT contract, including multiple failures to obtain necessary permits on time;
4. Xeneca is not likely to obtain the necessary permits, given:
a. the staunch opposition of the local community, the municipality, and the First Nations;
b. its failure to consult the key local Band;
c. the presence of an aboriginal burial ground; and
d. the impact on endangered species; and
5. Xeneca may be using improperly obtained funding for the project.

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