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Decision Notice: Alterations, Improvements & Repairs to Existing Dams, LRIA

Misner Dam, Port Dover

In November of 2015, Ontario Rivers Alliance (ORA) commented on EBR 012-5093,  regarding a Technical Bulletin for the Alterations, Improvements and Repairs of Existing Dams.  You can find our submission on our Blog here.  On March 24, 2016, ORA received a Decision Notice, as well as the approved Technical Bulletin.

The approved Bulletin (below) clarifies requirements for obtaining approvals for alterations, improvements and repairs to existing dams, and replaces the 2006 Administration of Section 16 – Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act policy document. The Bulletin also provides examples of common works that do not require LRIA Section 16 approval, which will assist dam owners in maintaining their dams and demonstrates the Ministry’s continued commitment to dam safety.

Additional information regarding the LRIA and associated policy and technical direction can be found on the Ministry’s Dam Management website here.

Download (PDF, 648KB)

Download (PDF, 19KB)