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Hanlon Creek Weir Removal Project – Valued Supporters

We offer a Badge of Honour to those valued supporters who have contributed to the Hanlon Creek Weir Removal Crowdfunding Campaign – Phase II.  A BIG THANK YOU to all our supporters:

$500 or over

Golf Designs
Golf Shape
Indrek Kahro

$100 to $499

Robin Aggus
Jane Litchfield
Beth Finnis
Dave Storey
John Wayne
Jack Imhof
Michael Baran
Burnside & Associates
Scott Hildebrandt
Tony Elias
Mark Setter
Ralph Dewar
Sue Couillard
Jeff Graham
David Penny

$50 to $99

Scott Puillandre
Susan Hersey
Mike Wilton
Gord McNulty
Jim Baker
Chris Johnson
Chris Oatman
William Knight
Allison Hands
David Beaton
Terry Little
Ken Cornelisse
Frank Schoenhoeffer

$25 to $49

Adrian Renzetti
Andrea McCoy
Jeremy Shute
Ryan McCreary
Ryan Good
Walter Hare
Mark Baker
Mike Mooney
Corrie O’Driscoll
Claudia Mar
Kevin Butt
Mickie Armstrong
Alan Murray
Brent Schwindt
Liam Connolly
Jordan Graham
Amanda Kennedy
Dan Neesom
Luke Weiler
Alex Meeker
Peter Kastner