Photo by Linda HeronPhoto Credit

Ivanhoe River – First, Second and Third Falls – William A. Allen

Third Falls Pan – Video Clip 288:


Comments by William A. Allen:  This is Third Falls as viewed from a very unstable boat.


Second Falls Back Eddy – Video Clip 314:

Comments by William A. Allen:  I took this video as the radio was warning about an impending tornado. A short time later we got stuck in the wildest storm I have been in this year – high winds and driving rain, but thankfully no tornado. Second Falls has a magnificent big back eddy at this late summer water level.


Second Falls Up Close Eddy – Video Clip 321:

Comments by William A. Allen:  The very end of this video clip shows the top of Third Falls a couple of hundred metres downstream.

One of Several Branches of First Falls – Video Clip 369:

Comments by William A. Allen:  At low water in summer First Falls has several channels. Shown here is the top of the most westerly one.

Base of One Branch of First Falls – Video Clip 377:



Comments by William A. Allen:  If you look at the cover of the Third Falls Project Description you will see all 3 falls.

  • Third Falls is all the white water in the foreground
  • Second Falls is the modest white water with big rock in the middle and appears at the bottom of the top quarter of the cover photo.
  • First Falls is at the very top edge of the photo and has several channels.

With this photo for reference look agin at the series of Third Falls videos, all shot from the west side of the river (right side of the cover photo).

This video clip  shows the bottom end of the west channel of First Falls.