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William A. Allen, Part II Order Request – Ivanhoe River, The Chute – Proposed Hydroelectric Dam and Generating Station

9 September 2011



I request that a Part II Order be made for The Chute Waterpower Project which has been proposed by Xeneca Power Development Inc. (Xeneca). I believe that this project needs to be considered under an Individual Environmental Assessment. I make this request because I am not satisfied with the project assessment and the evaluation process used by Xeneca and, further, I am not satisfied with Xeneca’s lack of response to my letters of August 12, 2011 and September 4, 2011 which I issued in good faith believing that Xeneca would honour the process of attempted resolution of issues raised by me as a registered stakeholder. I believe that Xeneca, which has responsibility in the proponent-driven process, has failed to meet its responsibilities. I also believe that the Notice of Completion was issued prematurely by Xeneca before important components of the environmental assessment actually were completed, to the end that the Environmental Report released by Xeneca at the beginning of the period of public review and comment, is woefully incomplete. Xeneca’s posting of the incorrect address of the Minister of the Environment is just one example of the company’s sloppiness. I make the request for a Part II Order in accordance with the provisions set out in the Class Environmental Assessment.

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