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Please Help Save the Ivanhoe River!

The Chute and Third Falls

The Chute  is approximately a 30 minute drive from Foleyet, and Third Falls is approximately a 2 hour drive (all bush roads).  Both falls have been going through the approvals process with a plan to have these dams erected, and The Chute is the first of many under this new streamlined EA process to reach the Notice of Completion stage in Ontario.

We need to make our voices heard now because The Chute is the stepping stone for future dams to be built.  The proponent chose a small northern community first, in the hopes of being allowed to get away with destroying the nature, animal habitats and aquatic species without anyone opposing.

Everyone can help by reviewing the The Chute – EA Report and voicing their opinions to Xeneca.  The Environmental Report and other documentation are available on Xeneca’s website – The Chute and Third Falls.

Misema River, downstream of dam

Misema River – downstream of dam

This is a picture of a stretch of the Misema River, near Englehart, where this same proponent, in a previous incarnation, built a hydroelectric dam.  That little trickle of water you see is the residual flow left in the riverbed – this is a negotiated amount – I guess no one was looking out for this river:

Below are some pictures of Third Falls.  If all goes according to the proponent’s plan, all this will be destroyed to generate 5.1 MW for Option 1 and 3.9 MW for Option 2 of Installed Capacity.  However, if truth were to be told, with the fluctuations in water flows throughout the year, usually the actual power generated would be just a little over half of Installed Capacity.


Ivanhoe River – The Chutes


Ivanhoe River – Third Falls


Ivanhoe River – Third Falls