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Larder & Raven Waterpower Generating Station, Larder River

Raven Falls, Larder River

Raven Falls, Larder River

MNR Site No: 2JC21
Location:  Raven Falls, Larder River,
Contract:  Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) – 1.25 MW Installed Capacity
Proponent:  Xeneca Power Development Inc.
Status:  This project is progressing through the Environmental Assessment process.


Notice of Commencement under the Class EA for Waterpower Projects
Larder & Raven Waterpower Project

Xeneca Power Development Inc. is commencing an environmental evaluation and assessment for the proposed Larder & Raven waterpower generating station located on the Larder River, east of the Town of Larder Lake in McFadden Township. The proposed waterpower generating station will generate clean, green, renewable energy at an installed capacity of about 1.25 MW. The structure’s components will include a water control structure (dam) and powerhouse. Upgrade of existing roads will be required to access the site. A transmission line connecting at Kirkland Lake TS will be installed in order to connect the station to the provincial power grid.

The project is subject to the provisions of the Ontario Waterpower Association’s “Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for Waterpower Projects” (2008). Pursuant to the Class EA, this project is considered to be on a unmanaged waterway. The Class EA process requires Xeneca Power Development Inc. to undertake an evaluation of the proposed waterpower project to determine its potential effects to the environment (positive and negative) during its construction and operation and prepare a detailed Environmental Report. The project may also require review and approval under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Further project information can be obtained by visiting the Xeneca website at

This notice and the public consultation process for the project under the Class EA, is intended to coordinate and meet the notification requirements relevant to the planning stage of the project under the above statutes. Notification of public meetings to be held in regard to the project will be posted within the next 6-8 months. Public consultation will be an integral component of this process. You are invited to provide comments on the issues to be addressed, and/or to ask to be placed on the project’s mailing list. Please contact: Vanesa Enskaitis Public Affairs Liaison Xeneca Power Development Inc.
T: 416-590-9362 X 104 E: