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Little Jackfish River Hydroelectric Project, OPG

Little Jackfish

Location:  Little Jackfish River, Thunder Bay, unorganized township.
Installed Capacity:  78 MW

Ontario Power Generation has proposed development of approximately 78 MW of renewable hydroelectric power through the construction of a generating station on the Little Jackfish River. With no existing hydroelectric development on the river, the proposed station will include a dam with a water intake and by-pass structure, a powerhouse and a tailrace channel. Associated facilities include access roads, borrow areas for construction materials and a large temporary construction camp. Transmission facilities to connect the proposed project to the provincial grid will also be required.

Project Status

The province’s Long Term Energy Plan released in December 2013 has indicated that the energy that would be generated by the Little Jackfish River Hydroelectric Project is not needed in the near-term. Therefore, all Project activities are being put on hold.



Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG) is proposing to develop approximately 100 megawatts of renewable hydroelectric power through the construction of two generating stations on the Little Jackfish River (Proposed Undertaking). The location of the Proposed Undertaking is shown on the map and the anticipated zone of influence is within the Little Jackfish River watershed. Each generating station will include a dam with a water intake and by-pass structures, powerhouse and tailrace channel. Associated facilities include access roads and a large temporary construction camp.

Under the provincial Environmental Assessment Act, the Proposed Undertaking is subject to the Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for Waterpower Projects as a new project on a managed waterway. The Class EA planning process requires OPG to evaluate the positive and negative environmental effects of the Proposed Undertaking and prepare an Environmental Report. The Proposed Undertaking is expected to require changes to the Nipigon River SystemWater Management Plan which will be pursued in accordance with Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources’ planning requirements. OPG also expects that the Proposed Undertaking will be screened under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Over the next three years, OPG will use the Class EA process as a basis for coordinating all future consultation required for the planning stage of the Proposed Undertaking.

Throughout the Class EA process, OPG is committed to consulting with First Nations around Lake Nipigon, other Aboriginal people (Indians/First Nations, Métis and Inuit people), agencies and interested stakeholders. Notices announcing public open houses will be published at a later date. OPG will follow a separate process for notification and consultation with Aboriginal people. Input received during all consultation processes will be considered and included in the Environmental Report.

OPG has retained SENES Consultants Limited to undertake the EA. For more information or to be put on our mailing list, please contact:

Heather Brown, Senior Environmental Advisor, OPG, 700 University Avenue, H18, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1X6, phone: (416) 592-6818, e-mail:;
Phil Shantz, Manager – Aboriginal, Land, Resource and Northern Projects,
SENES Consultants Limited,
121 Granton Drive, Richmond Hill,
Ontario, L4B 3N4,
phone: (905) 764-9380,

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