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Long Rapids, Namewaminikan River – EBR 012-1976 for Permit to Take Water

This EBR posting is open for public comment until 19 July 2014.  More information here.

This proposal is for a new PTTW for Namewaminikan Hydro Inc. for the purpose of operating a hydroelectric power facility from Long Rapids, on the Namewaminikan River in the Municipality of Greenstone, District of Thunder Bay. Details of the proposed water taking is as follows:

Proponent:   Namewaminikan Hydro Inc.
1555 Peel Street
Suite 1100
Montreal Quebec
Canada H3A 3L8

Instrument Type:   Permit to take water – OWRA s. 34
Permit Type: New (Category 3)
Purpose of Water Taking: Power production
Source of Water: Namewaminikan River (Long Rapids)
Maximum Rate (Litres Per Minute): 2,580,000
Maximum Number of Hours of Taking per Day: 24
Maximum Volume (Litres) Per Day: 3,715,200,000
Maximum Number of Days of Taking in a Year: 365
Earliest Calendar date of taking (mm/dd): 09/01
Latest Calendar date of taking (mm/dd): 12/31

Period of water taking: 10 years