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MEDIA RELEASE: London City Council Says Springbank Dam Must Go

LONDON – After several years of debate over whether to repair or remove the broken Springbank Dam on the Thames River, in a unanimous vote, London City Council decided to decommission the dam.  City staff will now prepare a report to advise Council on whether to repurpose it as a footbridge or remove it entirely from the river.  Eliminating the last man-made barrier between the forks and the mouth of the Thames River is a significant win for the environment and City residents.

Through a groundswell of support from several organizations, businesses and individuals, we were able draw attention to a river not just in recovery but thriving since the dam gates broke in 2008.  We were able to change the conversation from the foregone conclusion that the dam would be repaired, to a unanimous vote to decommission Springbank Dam. A big thank you to City Councillors who were open-minded and receptive to our positive message.

“On behalf of the groups that I represent, and myself as a father of two great kids that share my passion for the river that runs through our City, we can all take a deep breath and chalk up a big victory for nature today”, said Robert Huber, Vice-Chair of the Ontario Rivers Alliance (ORA) and President of the Thames River Anglers Association (TRAA).

The TRAA and the ORA look forward to the final report and recommendation that will undoubtedly result in a healthier and more resilient Thames River.


Ontario Rivers Alliance (ORA) is a Not-for-Profit grassroots organization with a strong network of environmental stewards joining our voices, experience and strengths in a coordinated effort to address policy, risky or threatening developments, and unhealthy river ecosystems.

The Thames River Anglers Association is a dedicated organization of volunteers that have worked diligently since 1986 to improve the overall health of the Thames River and its tributaries. We accomplish this through stream rehabilitation projects, educational programs and actively working with landowners, agencies and various levels of government to protect and sustain a diverse multi-species fishery.

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Robert Huber
Vice-Chair, Ontario Rivers Alliance
President, Thames River Anglers Association

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