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MOE Response to ORA – Ivanhoe, Serpent & Frederick House Rivers – Part II Order Requests

Good morning Ms. Linda Heron:

As you are aware, Xeneca Power Development Incorporated (Xeneca) is currently completing additional work required for The Chute Hydroelectric Generation Station Project (Chute Project).  As per the Director’s March 2, 2012 letter to you, the Chute Project was not planned in accordance with the Ontario Waterpower Association’s Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower Projects (Class EA).  Following completion of the additional work required, Xeneca will be revising its project documentation and re-issuing the Notice of Completion of the Chute Project.  It is the understanding of the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) that Xeneca is currently completing the additional work to address outstanding concerns raised by the requesters and agencies.

For the Serpent River Four Slide Falls Generation Station (Four Slide Falls) and Frederick House River Wanatango Falls Generation Station (Wanatango Falls) projects, the MOE’s formal review of the Part II Order requests has not started.  In accordance with the Class EA, the MOE’s review of the Part II Order requests begins after receiving all necessary information from Xeneca.  Given the recent developments relating to the Chute Project, it is the understanding of the MOE that Xeneca may be withdrawing the Notices of Completion for both Four Slide Falls and Wanatango Falls.  Once the MOE receives confirmation from Xeneca of its intentions for Four Slide Falls and Wanatango Falls, you along with the other requesters will be notified in writing.

Should you have any further questions relating to the status of the Xeneca’s waterpower projects, I encourage you to contact Mr. Mark Holmes at Xeneca.  Mr. Holmes can be reached at 416-590-9362, or by e-mail at

Yours sincerely,

Cindy Batista│Project Officer

Environmental Approvals Branch│Ministry of the Environment

2 St. Clair Avenue West, 14th Floor, Toronto ON  M4V 1L5