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Northern Ontarian’s please show your concerns on these dams on the Vermilion River

Hi my name is John Healy and I have a problem with the dams being proposed on the Vermillion River especially Wabagishik lake.  This is a unique fast flowing section of river that is vibrant for walleye/bass/sucker and even shows positive evidence of Sturgeon who strive to come back to their natural habitats and are endangered. This is a site in which I frequent whenever I want a peaceful time in my boat. Whenever I want to impress family and friends from other parts of the world that we have things in our back yard that money can’t buy or build. Its natural beauty is its way of producing fish and providing a natural habitat for animals.

It’s a blessing that this country has areas like these and that if we keep looking at these as “business” opportunities then time will take most of them away. It’s a lot like visiting “lake Louise”. You look one way at the lake and it becomes the most pictured lake in the country. You look the other way behind and you see the opposite, implications of man and the desire to profit by building fancy hotels for the rich so they can rent an expensive room for the view. This is totally not the way to treat a Gem of an area.

The volume of power they are looking at is minimal compared to the extent of change and damage that will happen to this ecosystem.  Just because this unorganized township site has fast water and a lake behind it to hold water doesn’t mean we should target it to benefit a power supply that benefits southern Ontario and leads to no jobs here in the north. Our government pays people like Quebec and the states to take our power when we have a surplus why would we pay a company a “premium” power price to produce? To me it’s another “take from the north” government attitude to benefit the south.

Northern Ontarian’s please show your concerns on these dams.