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It’s Not a Done Deal – the fight for Bala – Trailer #1, by Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart narrates this short trailer for an upcoming film on Corruption and how money and industry can subvert democracy.

The small town of Bala, Ontario, where Rob spent time growing up, is under threat. A private corporation wants to build a hydro power plant on top of the town’s historic and ecologically significant waterfall, which serves as the town’s main tourist attraction and economic driver. Surveys show 93% of townspeople don’t want the power plant there, but some local politicians are big supporters of the project. The company has tried to crush the townspeople’s hopes of opposing the plant by claiming, “it’s a done deal” for years, despite not having all the appropriate permissions and permits.

The town of 600 people have been fighting this power project for ten years, and they need help to magnify their voice. We got involved to see if a film could change the world again – and we need your help. Visit and sign the petitions and send letters to the government to show your support for environmental protection of these sacred and historic waterways.

It’s Not a Done Deal – the fight for Bala Trailer #1 from Rob Stewart on Vimeo.