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ORA Part II Order Request – Addition – Proposed Four Slide Falls GS – Serpent River

September 29, 2011


On further examination of the ER and supporting documentation for the proposed Four Slide Falls, Serpent River GS, it has also come to our attention that A Annex – Hydrology Review, submitted by Hatch Inc., dated January 2010, contained a few other interesting facts:

  1. The “Report Disclaimer” states, “the report is based on information made available to Hatch by the Client or by certain third parties; and unless stated otherwise in the Agreement, Hatch has not verified the accuracy, completeness or validity of such information, makes no representation regarding its accuracy and hereby disclaims any liability in connection therewith.”1 Xeneca has provided the information and Hatch has not verified its accuracy or completeness, and disclaims any liability.

Note: ORA submits this Hydrology Review is not for this proposal but for a previous proposal, and has no value or validity. Xeneca must supply a project specific Hydrology Review for this current proposal.

  1. The Hydrology Review contained in this ER states “The Run-of-River plants proposed for the Serpent River hydropower sites must use river flows as they arrive, without the use of reservoir storage to regulate flows.”2

Note: This Report is for a run-of-river operation in a totally different location on the Serpent River, so what possible value could this report hold for this ER on this specific site chosen at Four Slide Falls? Why was there no hydrology report prepared for a modified peaking run-of- river dam in its present location at Four Slide Falls?

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2011-Sept29-ORA-Addition to PartII Order-FourSlideFalls