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ORA Response to Xeneca – Proposed Four Slide Falls GS – Serpent River

September 29, 2011:


Xeneca’s response letter is yet another example of a tendency to generalize, undervalue, gloss over, and leave out important details, and only confirms Xeneca’s lack of vigilance and adherence to the spirit and intent of the EA process.

Xeneca responds, “This approach to document handling is in accordance with the Waterpower Class EA process.” To date Xeneca staff has not been able to direct ORA to the exact section of this document where this policy is outlined.

If Xeneca wishes to engage ORA, then it needs to demonstrate a willingness to cooperate, to share information, and show respect for the objectives of the EA process, and for ORA. It has been the experience of this writer that Xeneca has used whatever administrative and/or regulatory means at its disposal, to avoid sharing vital documents that should be readily available to stakeholders and the public.

ORA’s Part II Order request to the Minister of Environment stands as supported in our letter dated September 28, 2011.”

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